Spooky Spaghetti Feed Friday

by Matt on October 24, 2016

Summer Nature Camps

April 1, 2016

Summer Nature Camps with Whole Earth Nature School go beyond just fun in nature. Our expert mentors guide kids and teens toward a deep appreciation of and relationship to the natural world. We challenge kids to overcome difficulties, take appropriate risks, and work as a team. We help them to cultivate awareness and a “quiet [...]

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Spring Break Nature Camps Now Open

March 1, 2016

In early Spring nature is exploding with life. The birds are nesting, our favorite edible plants are young and tender, and the baby fawns are hiding in the underbrush. This is a fantastic time to be outside because there is never enough time to see, touch and smell everything. Whole Earth Nature School in Eugene [...]

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Early Registration Discount Extended!

February 29, 2016

It’s a leap year! That means that February isn’t over yet, folks. And we have extended our early registration discount for today only. Use the coupon code LEAP2016 to get 10% off your entire order. Check out our Summer Nature Camps and register.

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Early Registration Discounts for Summer Nature Camps Expire This Week

February 20, 2016

Be sure to register for Summer Nature Camps before February 28th to receive a special 10% early registration discount off your whole order. Our 2016 Summer Nature Camps are shaping up to be our best yet. See the full schedule and register today on our Summer Nature Camps Page

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Learn Friction Fire by Bowdrill

February 4, 2016

Can you really make fire without matches or any modern tools? Our ancestors did it for thousands of years. Join us on February 20th to learn the basics of this lifesaving skill. Mastery of fire making could save your life in an unexpected survival situation. Students will practice making fire with a bowdrill and then [...]

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Winter Break Nature Camps

December 2, 2015

Winter Break Nature Camps 2015-2016 The weather outside isn’t quite as frightful as you might think. Winter break Nature Camps with Whole Earth Nature School are a great opportunity to cure that cabin fever and play outside a little. All our winter break Nature Camps offer great opportunities to learn about nature in the winter. [...]

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