About Big Bear Camp

Big Bear Camp is one of our favorite places in Oregon. This 40 acre property sits in the heart of the Coast Range. Miller Creek passes through the property and during the winter serves as spawning ground for native Coho Salmon. The surrounding area is entirely forested and provides an enormous buffer of natural area on all sides of the property. Big Bear camp features a beautiful, custom built, lodge with an indoor and outdoor kitchen. There are also several yurts on the property that are used to house kids during camp. You can learn more about Big Bear Camp by visiting their website.

Directions to Big Bear Camp

Don’t rely on Apple Maps or Google Maps totally as they have steered people incorrectly to Big Bear in the past. Please read these directions below and you won’t get lost.

Head West on W 11th Ave/Hwy 126 toward Walton, OR. Approximately 24 miles past Bailey Hill Rd turn right on Nelson Mountain Rd in the town of Walton. After 4.4 miles take a left onto Rd 17-7-19, there will be a sign there for Big Bear Camp (and usually another sign saying Whole Earth Nature School). Follow the road about a mile to the camp at the end of the road.