Located in Eugene, Oregon, Whole Earth Nature School was founded with the vision of helping people rediscover their connection to the natural world. We believe that humanity is naturally part of the community of living things and that we can be a positive force on the planet. We strive to foster a personal connection between people and their environment and so we focus on helping people get to know the land that they live on and receive sustenance from. We are all dependent on the Earth.

To achieve our goals we are proud to offer learning opportunities for people of all ages. For young kids we have the Coyote Kids! programs as well as a full schedule of summer nature camps. For teens our Big Bear Village overnight camp provides an opportunity for wilderness adventure. And adults have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill through regular workshops which you can see here.

We welcome your comments and feedback please visit our contact form and let us know what you think.

Visit our Preparing For Camp page to learn how to get your student ready, and where our camps are located.

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