Frequently Asked Questions – Coyote Kids!

Have a question? See if you can find your answer here. If your question is not here please feel free to contact us.

Does the program take place at my school?
Yes, or within walking distance. At many schools we are lucky enough to have green spaces within easy reach and many of our activities take places at these parks. In all cases we will pick up and drop off the kids at their school.

How will my kids know where to go after school?
Each school has a designated meeting place which will be specified in your confirmation email. On the first week of camp we always take the extra time to track down all the kids and help them find their way to the appropriate meeting spot.

Do you have camp even when it is raining?
Yes, with some narrow exceptions. We believe that it is important to interact and explore nature during all seasons, not just in the summer. There are lots of things to discover at all times of year and many cool things only come out when it is raining. Kids will typically follow the lead of adults in the group. If everyone else is having fun and isn’t bothered by the rain then they have a good time. However, we also believe proper preparation is critical to enjoying nature in the wet season. For that reason we insist that parents send kids to school with appropriate clothing (raincoat, waterproof shoes) on camp days. We also recognize that some weather conditions do make it inappropriate to be playing outside. We always do our best to adapt to the conditions outside rather than fighting them. Sometimes that means that we change our plans for the day and play a running game to warm up and other times it may mean that we seek shelter. Our instructors will make that call as appropriate.

Will my kids get dirty?
Yes. We know that getting dirty is often a sign of how much fun was had that day. Also, getting dirty is an expected side effect of getting close to nature and exploring outside. Occasionally we even intentionally help kids get dirty to camouflage themselves into the forest. Please send your kids dressed appropriately. While many activities are optional, if you are not comfortable getting at least a little bit dirty this is probably not an appropriate program for you.

Where will I pick up my kids?
Pick up will always be at the kids school. See your confirmation email for site-specific pick up locations.

What if I am late picking up my child?
We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances which could cause you to be late. We allow 15 minutes after the end of the camp for you to pick up your child without penalty. From 16-25 minutes late, we charge a flat fee of $5. For every additional minute after this, we charge $1 per minute. We do this in order to make every effort to support and compensate our instructors for the time they invest. We need our team leaders to be able to go home and be with their own families, rest and return refreshed to care for children the next day.

Are there scholarships available?
Yes, we have a limited amount of scholarship funds available. Our scholarships are need based. See our scholarships page for more details.

My school doesn’t currently have a Coyote Kids! program. How can I get you to start a camp at my school?

Please contact us if you are interested in getting Coyote Kids! started at your school. Many of our existing programs started because of parent requests and support. In order to have a successful program we are usually looking for a few key things: support from school administration, support from parents, a large enough student pool to support a camp of at least six kids, and school proximity to a natural area.

I don’t see my question here. How can I learn more?
We would be happy to answer any of your questions. Please fill out our contact form or just give us a call at 541-937-KIDS(5437).