Coyote Leaders

Coyote Leaders

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Earn volunteer hours, Have fun outdoors

Mentor 5th & 6th graders in fun, hands-on outdoor activities. You will…

  • Create lasting friendships
  • Make rope from plant fibers
  • Catch exotic-looking aquatic critters
  • Track animals’ secret lives
  • Paint plein air with earth pigments
  • Lead exhilarating games
  • Sing campfire songs
  • Teach engaging science labs
  • Gain leadership experience that looks great for resumes, college, and scholarships!

Our Coyote Leaders are a critically important part of Coyote Outdoor School. Coyote Leaders are High School students who volunteer their time to help teach 5th and 6th grade students at Outdoor School, along with our staff. Coyote Leaders develop real-life experience in leadership.

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We’ll train you to be responsible for a small group of students during Field Study labs, meals, cabin time, and morning games.
You’ll spend almost the entire day outside with the students as their leader.

Your required training dates:
 May 9-10 4:00pm-8:30pm
Training will be held at the Whole Earth Nature School office inside the Stellaria Building (150 Shelton McMurphey Blvd, upstairs)
Bring a dinner, candy and snacks provided.
Contact us if you need help with transportation.
You will also need to get permission to miss school and make up the work on your own.
Transportation from town to program sites will be provided.

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What is Coyote Outdoor School?

Coyote Outdoor School is the leading outdoor school provider in Lane County. We’ve mentored local students in the outdoors for over 8 years—expanding their confidence, resilience, and kinship with nature. We are outside, year round, developing a deep connection to place through practicing ancient survival skills. All of this is done using the foundations of all scientific endeavors: observing, questioning, testing our hypotheses, and sharing what we learned.
Coyote Mentoring is a practice based on the folkloric associations of coyotes as tricksters and teachers. Coyote mentors invite learning through inspiration, play, mentoring, role-modeling, and following nature’s cycles.

When and where does the program take place?

Required Coyote Leader training is May 9th and 10th.
Coyote Outdoor School sessions run one to three days and Coyote Leaders can participate in up to two sessions. View all of the available dates of the sessions when you sign up via our Coyote Leader Volunteer registration form.
Coyote Outdoor School sessions take place at Lane County retreat centers. Every site includes showers, quality cabins, and a full cafeteria/kitchen. You’ll be able to explore lush and breathtaking forests and participate in outdoor recreation activities.

Download and print REQUIRED Coyote Leader Permission Forms

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View the spring 2018 ODS program schedule with dates and locations.
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Earn volunteer hoursHave fun outdoors