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Our mission is to Inspire Awareness and Nature Connection through interactive learning.

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Phone: 541-937-5437
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About our founders:
Anna and Matt Bradley and Rees Maxwell have a combined 20 years of experience teaching kids outdoors. They have trained with Wilderness Awareness School, Tom Brown’s Tracker School, and more. For full bios of the founders please visit the About Our Staff page. For a more detailed narrative of the development of our programs, visit our article at Wilderness Awareness School.

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Photos for press purposes:
Kids on bridge in forest
Young kids in basic camo
Instructor in camo, with foam archery

Information about Nature Deficit Disorder:
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KVAL: ‘Survivors’ in the Woods excerpt (click link to watch news video)

NOTI, Ore. – Whole Earth Nature School and Candlelighters for Children with Cancer held a free event Saturday. Both organizations joined forces with one goal in mind: helping families during tough times.

Cancer survivors and their siblings watched demonstrations survival skill demonstrations by members of Whole Earth Nature School. Kids even had a little hands on practice in Archery and starting a fire the old fashioned way, with wood and friction.

Wilderness Awareness School excerpt

Just the things we’ve been able to do this past year with Whole Earth Nature School and Dancing Sol have been exhilarating: Kids spent a combined 25,359 hours immersed in nature with our mentors and me in 2012. -Reese Maxwell

Mountain Hearth Blog  excerpt

We want to help create a future where humanity can use ancient wisdom to find new and better ways to live together with each other and our planet. Any new way of living is destined to fail if it doesn’t offer an improvement on the current way of doing things. We are hoping that by attracting people who are passionate about finding those new ways and teaching them to young people that we can affect positive change for modern humans. -Matt Bradley

What parents are saying:
Thank you for such a wonderful program! Luke is having a fantastic time and really enjoyed his time in his “sit spot”. You seem to approach all the kids with such respect; it is inspiring. They are such impressionable little creatures right now and what you are giving them is good stuff! Thank you.We feel very fortunate to have found someone like you to give Luke an introduction to this beautiful world.

-Michelle L.

Both my 5 year old daughter and I wholeheartedly love Whole Earth Nature School. This is, hands down, my child’s absolute favorite outside home camp/school experience she has ever had. She can’t wait to get started with this summer’s camps. We have enrolled her 2 summers in a row, and plan to keep enrolling her as long as they exist. I have complete respect and admiration for your instructors. They provide such safe, creative, soulful, meaningful, caring, and fun experiences for the kids. My daughter came home with a great big smile, and dirt in her pockets, every single day. Whole Earth Nature School provides a perfect combination of freedom and structure, play and education, while inspiring love and appreciation for nature and wildlife. This is a beautiful program.

-Margo V.

I’m really impressed with the skills that Max is learning in Coyote Kids and with his changing awareness about the outdoors. I grew up in the woods and take so much outdoor skill for granted – it’s been great to watch how you teach and how he learns from you. I have especially appreciated his interest in tracking, shelter-building and the plants and animals that he sees. Thanks for your well-conceived and effective program.

-Kevin F.