Nature Volunteer Information

Special Volunteer Information Nights:
Thursday, March 29th, 7:00-8:00pm
Thursday, May 10th, 7:00-8:00pm
Location: 150 Shelton McMurpehy Blvd Eugene, 97401 Upstairs Community Room.
RSVP: Anna@WholeEarthSchool.com 

Like to play outdoors? Ever wanted to create a positive impact with children and the environment?

Whole Earth Nature School’s Nature Volunteer Program is an excellent opportunity to make a difference by sharing your passion of nature connection with kids.

In order to make our nature camps that much more meaningful we are looking for passionate individuals like you to dedicate your time and energy to our Summer Nature Camps, after-school programs, or special events and programs.

Who can volunteer? Any adult 18 and over and teens 16-17 years of age.  (Please find our CIT program for teens interested under 16 years at the end of this page). There is no need for specific naturalist education or teacher certification though we always welcome people with specific skills or training. Take a look at our volunteer position descriptions to see what would be the best fit for you.
Volunteer Instructor Assistant
Support Assistant

Are there requirements? Yes, we require the following of all of our volunteers:

  • Pass criminal background check
  • Sign waiver and release form
  • Mini interview (in person or on the phone)
  • Participate in our free 4 hour volunteer training
  • Be responsible for your time commitment (we rely on you like any staff member)

Is there a chance for volunteers to learn nature skills? Absolutely! Volunteering through us gives you access to free training in the world of nature experience education. You may learn:

  • Survival skills (i.e. friction fire, archery, plant ID, shelter building, etc.)
  • New ways to connect and listen to nature
  • Gain experience working with and teaching children
  • Coyote mentoring skills
  • Learn nature games and songs
  • Integrate our teachings into your life and family
  • For you certified teachers, you will learn nature activities and lessons to bring back to the classroom!

What programs can I volunteer for? We offer programs and events throughout the entire year. Our biggest need is for summer nature camp volunteer instructors and support, but we also need support with our after-school and home school programs during the school year. Here is a list of programs you can help support:

  • Summer Nature Camps, Spring and Winter Break Camps
  • Coyote Kids! After School Programs
  • Acorn Home School Program
  • Fox Den Family Nature Night
  • Various public events

Do you have any intern programs for teens? Yes!

Teens who are 16 and 17 years of age who need volunteer hours for school and/or are interested in outdoor educations are welcome to volunteer as a Youth Volunteer.  To sign-up go through the same process as adult volunteers and fill out the form below.  Youth Volunteers position options are support assistant and greeter.

For all other teens we offer our CIT (Coyote in Training) intern program.  This program is designed to train youth to become young mentors in order to gain the knowledge and skill to be excellent nature mentors to younger children.  Teens 16 and 17 years of age are also welcome to join this program.

Visit the CIT page here.

Contact Anna Bradley to volunteer: anna@WholeEarthSchool.com