Evenings for Families at The Fox Den: Nature Crafts, Ancient Skills, Storytelling and Games

Evening time is family time — and Willamette Valley families can create deep nature connections together! Gather up your “kits” and bring them to Cafe Yumm! at the Meridian for:

Every Wednesday we’ll delve into the natural world together as we explore: Nature Crafts, Ancient Skills, Storytelling and Games!

Parents are welcome to participate with their children, but parent participation is not required for children over 4. (However, it is required that all parents stay on the premises while their children are attending the Fox Den program.)

Cafe Yumm! at the Meridian Building
18th Ave and Willamette St
DATES: Every Wednesday through the end of April (unless noted on this Fox Den page)
TIME: 5:30-7:00pm
COST: Free

Fox Den Activity Menu

Ordering Food & Welcome Activities 5:30-5:45
Order your food at Cornucopia by 5:15 and have it noted as part of Fox Den so we can all sit down together to enjoy a warm meal on the chilly winter nights. Then head down the hall to Old School for some fun movement and games!

Dinner, Gratitude, and Stories 5:45-6:15
We’ll share what we’re thankful about from our week as we dive in to dinner. Then, hear adventures of Whole Earth Nature School staff and mythic stories of animals and people across the world.

Evening Activities 6:15-6:45
Foxfire and friends will guide Fox Denizens in making crafts, playing games, puzzling over riddles, and learning ancient skills, just like at our Coyote Kids and summer camp programs! Each week focuses on a different theme, which will be posted on our Facebook. We will also give children a chance to share their own stories each week.

Closing Circle & Reintegration 6:45pm
This integral part of the Coyote Mentoring teaching method wraps up the event and helps kids think about how they can take what they learned with them into their lives.

We can’t wait to see you,

—Your Fox Den Kin