Spring Break Camp Tuesday: School of Wizardry

Spring Break: School of Wizardry

What sort of camp is this you’ve been invited to? The parchment speaks of strange things, a whole different world of wizardry and magic. You will be leaving soon, don’t forget to pack your trunk.

Upon arrival, you find a forest full of wonderful creatures such as centaurs and owls. Your professors are there, too. Kids are talking about some of the classes they teach. Herbology, the study of plants. It seems that there are plants in the forest that have magical powers of healing. Other plants can be eaten or are used for different kids of magic. Divination, seeing the unseen. They say that the divination teacher is a bit batty but that she has a knack for seeing the future. Transfiguation, changing forms. Could you really become a fox or a raccoon? Invisibility, staying unseen. You might learn the lessons of bears and deer and use your invisibility cloak to become a master of invisibility.

This camp will be held at Dorris Ranch

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