Advanced Earth Ninja: Way of the Wolf Clan (Invitation Only)

Advanced Earth Ninja: Way of the Wolf Clan (Invitation Only)

The Earth Ninja apprentices are busy learning basic skills such as tracking and silent movement. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched from close by. The Wolf Clan is on the move and keeping track of everything that happens at Earth Ninja camp. We will spend the week "on-mission" while scouting the other campers and remaining unseen. To safely move in and out of areas without being detected we will learn advanced stalking and movement techniques. We may even defend our area against other scouts by using safe water-balloon traps. Campers will hone their “sixth sense” to move beyond what they can perceive with their physical senses. We will also refine our natural camouflage to be unseen even in open ground. This camp features a special instructor/student ratio of 1/4 to allow for mare advanced and hands-on learning.

Students will:

  • Learn advanced stalking techniques
  • Practice advanced, full-body, natural camouflage
  • Build invisible shelters
  • Observe other groups unseen
  • Track humans
  • Get in touch with your intuition

Special Note: This camp is designed to help students learn a more advanced skill set and is by invitation only. There is no prerequisite to this camp. Students are chosen based on their aptitude for awareness, silent movement and team cooperation.

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Camp Hours:   8 to 12 years old  9:00AM-3:30PM M-F
 After Care Available:   Until 5:30PM every day. After care details here.
 Camp Location:   This camp will be held at Hendricks Park

Scholarships are available for up to 50% off tuition cost. Apply during registration. Click for details.
Full Day Nature Camps (9:00AM-3:30PM): $310

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