Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon

You aren’t like other kids. While everyone else is playing video games and watching internet videos, you have always been drawn to the forest. Some people tell you that you shouldn’t go there. “It’s dangerous”, they say. But you always felt at home there, especially since your best friend is a dragon.

Together with your dragon friend you explore every day in the forest. He teaches you about how to live in the forest. You learn where to find wild food, how to make shelter, and where to get water that is safe to drink. Dragons can also turn invisible. You have been practicing this skill, too. It will take a bit more practice before you’ve mastered it entirely. Come play and learn along with the dragons of the forest.

Camp Hours:   9:00AM-3:30PM M-F
 After Care Available:   Until 5:30PM every day. After care details here.
 Camp Location:   This camp will be held at Lane Community College

Scholarships are available for up to 50% off tuition cost. Apply during registration. Click for details.
Full Day Nature Camps (9:00AM-3:30PM): $285

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